descrJatzi is an Australian Photographer and Graphic Designer. His innovative style of photography has a strong Australian influence with a twist of European flavour. Jatzi’s photographic style has been developed over 20 years involving artistic experimentations, working for clients in various corners of the world.Jatzi enjoys and possibly thrives on diversity. He believes it keeps the senses alert, ideas fresh and our emotions stimulated.

Jatzi says:
“Since I also have a European roots, I am trying to incorporate that into my style of photography; mixing southern with northern, eastern with western and conceptual with traditional; kind of Australian with a European twist!


I love diversity. I believe it keeps the senses alert, ideas fresh and the brain stimulated.

Confucius says: “if you don’t live on the edge you take too much space”

You can say that’s my motto when comes to photography and graphics - It has to communicate, it has to be on - the EDGE!”

Jatzi combines intuitive approach with photo-journalistic, documentary style of photography and he is always after capture the ‘essence’ of people’s individuality, personality and culture.

He works with everyone on a personal level. Regardless of the industry: Fashion, Commercial, Advertising or Glamour and Portraiture; his objective is to define, energize and ‘capture-the-moment’ to expresses feelings, emotions & passions.
That is the essence he wishes to convey in his work of art.