descrJatzi’s designs are uncomplicated with artistic and striking effect. Same attitude is driving his designs as his images; he enjoys the possibly thriving from diversity. It keeps the senses alert, ideas fresh and the brain stimulated.  

Jatzi says:
“I have worked with Adobe products for over 15 years now. For example I have worked in Photoshop since the ver.5, I have been in the digital game long enough to experience work in diverse sectors, i.e. advertising and fashion as well as commercial and general public. 


What I have discovered that simplicity is the key to successful design and that is what I am looking for while working with a client, to achieve the WOW factor by capturing the pure essence of the business or individual and transform it into simple but striking work of art”

Jatzi’s greatest influence is life. Drawing on experience, being able to relate, understand, empathise, excite, stimulate. Fashion and advertising demands that you work hard, play hard and then take time out to recharge batteries in order to be able to do it all again.